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                 Big News Is Here! 

I just signed a contract with Fountain Blue Publishing for my newest book titled The Enemy Within. In a Nutshell: : A returning soldier’s head injury provides an unexpected clean slate when his loss of memory allows him a chance to mend fences with his estranged family. A short preview video is available by clicking HERE.  



 Destiny's Echo is Now Available

After a prolonged legal battle, the literary rights to my first novel, Journey Across Time, have been returned to me! I spent much of the winter and spring actively searching for a new publishing house for this great 101,000 word sci-fi/historical novel. Due to the second-rate printing and formatting job performed by the book's original publisher, the best way for me to separate myself from this title is to change the name of the book to Destiny's Echo.

Well, good news has finally arrived! Black Rose Writing out of Texas has offered me a contract for this 101,000 word manuscript! The book is now out and available at most of the mass outlets such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  



Orders are available through this website or through the publisher at:

A short video preview is available by clicking HERE. 



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Spirit of the Season...

 ...has gone straight to Amazon's Kindle, and Paperback copies          should be available there as well. For a direct purchase (and less      expensive), go to: 



It's Out! 

Back on February 20, 2014, We Celebrated the  Release of The Reawakening! 

My newest book titled The Reawakening has found a home! I have just signed a 2-year contract with Black Rose Writing to publish The Reawakening! If you liked the movie To Dance With The White Dog, or perhaps the movie On Golden Pond, then you'll love The Reawakening.

*** This book is now being sold through at a steeply reduced price. Get it while the getting's good! *** 



Black Rose Writing has extended the contract for The Reawakening an extra TWO years. That is good news! Here's the link to the book.